Current and future stuff

This is still in development, for the pleasure of the 3 Lander fans on earth !

Here’s a new video with currently implemented stuff :

As you can guess, there’s actually 2 game modes ( Landing and Racing ). I think I had to add a timer for each of these modes, along with an “all of fame” screen of some sort, as a bare minimum.

That said, I am thinking for a long time about procedurally generated content and a next step would be to generate terrains then landing pad placements for the Landing mode, and gates placement for the racing mode.

I also implemented a tractor beam, which opens a variety of new small game modes. I’m thinking about a “tidy up your bedroom” mode in which the goal would be to pick objects scattered around the terrain and drop them into a box.

These tiny game modes on open terrains are fun but for how long ?
Once you master the ship handling, the fun factor is decreasing drastically.

When the guys at Psygnosis designed Lander, they choose that most of the gameplay takes place inside underground bases. Which is clearly much more hard and thus interesting.

This is why I began working on a 3D dungeon generator :

All these ideas are great but what about those who want to try it now ?

There’s still nothing to download !

I will try my best to release ASAP a downloadable alpha version.

I should have done this before, but, well, it’s never too late to follow the “release early, release often” rule, huh ?

3 Responses to Current and future stuff

  1. Grale says:

    Awesome.. The physics are looking very nice, look forward to trying out the alpha πŸ™‚

    Hey if you need a tester please consider me for that πŸ˜‰

    I remember finishing Lander when it came out and i’ve been waiting all this time for a game like it!!

    Keep up the good work, looking good πŸ™‚

  2. Anonymous says:

    A public repository would be a start..

  3. hopp3r says:

    @Grale: thanks !

    @Anonymous : The code is not open-sourced… yet, but most certainly will be one day.

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