First release !

Here it is, at last !

Be warned : It’s an alpha version, so it’s unpolished, a bit buggy, lacking features, etc…


It should be straightforward to install and play but you will find some info in the included release notes.

Just waiting for your comments…


* File provider : switch to megaupload.

* Bug squashed  : crash selecting another input configuration.

* Sound volumes tweaked for the main ship thruster and ring activation.

3 Responses to First release !

  1. Grale says:

    Excellent news!!

    Look forward to trying this when i get home from work ;¬)

  2. Attila says:

    This looks very exciting. Too bad I am on a mac. 😦

  3. Dafoosa says:

    Make that 4 fans of lander. Very nice stuff. Can hardly wait to reboot into linux and try the demo.

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