In the meantime…

News on the 3D gravity games scene : Flying Irons on Unity !

A cute iron instead of an improbable flying ship ? Clever and very original !

Now, what about a butterfly ? 🙂


7 Responses to In the meantime…

  1. Anthony says:

    Superb, thanks very much for the link, sir. I should have a video for the game ready over the coming weeks.

    Your game is looking very nice. Have you done any vids lately?

    • hopp3r says:

      You’re welcome; we are part of the 3D gravity games community after all !
      No new vids for now, sorry. ( nothing spectacular to show ).

  2. Brendan says:

    Wow, just found this site. Really cool to see someone else who enjoyed the game Lander. great work!

    I was a huge fan when it came out – I had a website called Lander Outpost. I remember living off the demo for months – there were huge delays getting the game published in Australia. It really was an awesome game well ahead of its time.

    • Eggsome says:

      Another Ozzie fan here.
      I picked up Lander on a whim and found it a perfect match for my control preferences.
      Hopper looks really good, shame this site seems to be abandoned.

  3. Grale says:

    Any chance of a new upload to another host?
    Also have you though about releasing the code if your unable to go any further with this project?

  4. Grale says:

    I’m still checking here……. Waiting……. Hopping…… See what i did there 😉 Come on please update!!

    • Anthony says:

      Hi Grale, I haven’t worked on Flyin’ Irons for a long time. I got it to a stage where you can race AI irons around a course. I don’t want to let it go just yet, because I feel like one day I will at least release what I have done so far as an alpha, a bit like what Ramjet Anvil is doing with Volo Airsport.

      Thanks for your continued interest!

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