Officially open-sourced

By popular demand, here is the final package for Hopper, including the last release, a few unused assets and its sources.

Click to download Hopper.7z (91.8 MB)

I don’t think this deserves to be on any code sharing platform but the license is WTFPL, so do what the fuck you want with it.

By the way, it looks like it does run on wine under GNU/Linux. \o/

And finally, a small surprise for the hardcore Lander fans out there :
WebGL hopper test ( don’t try this with Internet Explorer ).

5 Responses to Officially open-sourced

  1. Grale says:

    Got a ‘the requested file could not be found’ any chance of a re upload?

    I would like to grab the release and it’s source if possible :¬)

  2. Darren says:

    Any Chance??

  3. hopp3r says:

    Sorry, I forgot to change the link ( was updated in the youtube video comment ).
    This link will be available for as long as I pay the hosting service. 🙂

  4. Brendan says:

    Thanks for sharing your code! I’m looking forward to checking it out and having a tinker.

  5. madeso says:

    It seems I never commented it here, but I wanted to have a quick look but all the links were dead, but I found I’ve previously downloaded it so I published it to my github:

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